“I converted to Trinergy in 2008 after researching many financial solutions. The system is fully integrated, automated and easy to change. I no longer need in-house IT support. I’m able to run my business with half the staff level compared to my counterparts.”

Stephen Dawson, President
National Covenant Properties


“The Trinergy Team answered all of our questions and sought solutions to our unique way of doing business.”

Mike Rhine
Church Growth Investment Fund

Key Features

Solutions Designed In Partnership With Church Extension Fund Executives
True Integration Of All Your Fund's Operations


Full Windows® Interface Including Integration With Microsoft Office® Products.
Dedicated Support Staff


Evolving Software Enhancements
One General Ledger Manages All Your Fund's Information - Which Resides On A Single Database


Advanced Development Tools
Years Of Experience
Free Upgrades


Full History Backups
Reporting Flexibility


Toll Free: (800)558-3709
Fax: 262-886-3020